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NARASI Sculpture Exibition

With theme "Narrative", the participating artists will make this event a progressive step toward further developments of art, sculpture in particular in Indonesia. This is second exhibition held at and by Syang Art Space in Magelang in collaboration with the API Association of Indonesian Sculptors. This year API Association enters its ninth year with membership covering some 150 sculptors. The Association already contributes much to enliven Indonesian art, sculpture in particular. The current exhibition sees the participation of 53 artists coming from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Malangan and Bali.
Tahelele, Benny Ronald - Personal Name
Hikarius, Eggy - Personal Name
Rachmadi, Gustian - Personal Name
Heriyanto, Hedi - Personal Name
Putra, Ida Bagus Dharma - Personal Name
Adiputra, I Ketut - Personal Name
selamet, I Ketut - Personal Name
Karnaya, Irientine - Personal Name
Sugito, Kondang - Personal Name
P Agus, Akhmad - Personal Name
Mahadi, Hanung - Personal Name
Gawiartha, I Wayan - Personal Name
Tjandra, Dicky - Personal Name
Albara, Basrizal - Personal Name
Noor, Ichwan - Personal Name
Kamil, Arlan - Personal Name
Saleh, Ajis - Personal Name
Pramono, Bambang Adi - Personal Name
Pulungan, Bernauli - Personal Name
Tobing, Budi - Personal Name
Budiono, Kuswa - Personal Name
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Syang Art Space
82 hlm
This book was published as a supplement to the group exhibition of Indonesian Association of Sculpture (API)